Chor- und Orchesterwerke

Chor- und Orchesterwerke

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Product no.: 6063
Adriano Banchieri (1568-1634): Messa Concertata Sopra L'Aria Musicale Del Gran Duca for two Tenors (or Sopranos), Bass and Bc Tarquinio Merula (1590-1665): Messa Concertata a 3 Canto, Tenore e Basso Sopra L'Aria Musicale Del Gran Duca for Soprano, Tenor (or two Tenors or Sopranos), Bass and Bc
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Product no.: 6093

Three compositions for voices, two violins & B.c.:

Hochzeitlicher Freudenklang


Letzter Traur-und Ehrendienst A6


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Product no.: 6072
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Product no.: 6091

Soli and Choir (SATB), two violins and Basso continuo     

Missa a quattro voci con Violini, se piace

Concerto à4 In Coelis gloria, in terra pax

Concerto à2 Gloria, pace

Dialogo à4. 2. Angeli e 2. Pastori Gloria in excelsis



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Product no.: 6099

Liedmesse for 4part Choir (SATB), Basso continuo and instruments (ad libitum), TWV 9:8, based on the melodie 'Durch Adams Fall' and 'Es wird schier der letzte Tag'

Duration ca. 5' and 6 '(Latin mass)

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51 - 56 of 56 results