weltliche Musik (incl.) Opern

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Product no.: 6064

Orpheus Project Vol.II

Domenico Belli (ca. 1550-1627)

Orfeo Dolente (Firenze,1616)

Diviso in Cinque Intermedi Con li Quali

for Voice, Choir, String instruments and Basso continuo


18.00 *
Product no.: 6054

Opera in three Acts (Editors: Boston Early Music Festival, O'Dette, Stubbs, Jacobi) Libretto by Christian Heinrich Postel

69.00 *
Product no.: 6059

Festa musicale from 1683 in two parts after a libretto from Nicolò Minato (1630 - 1698) Balletti from Andreas Anton Schmelzer (1653 - 1701) & Kaiser Leopold I. (1640 - 1705)

49.00 *
Product no.: 6052

Serenata (1715) for Soli (SSSB) und Orchestra (2 Traverso, 2 Violins, Viola & Bc)

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Product no.: 6077

L'Amore Ammalato (Die kranckende Liebe) oder Antio-chus und Stratonica Musical Drama for soli, choir and orchestra, Libretto from Barthold Feind, Hamburg 1707 Editors: Boston Early Music Festival, Jacobi Boston Early Music Festival Opera Series, Vol. IV

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Product no.: 6075

Singspiel in drei Akten nach einem Libretto von Hinrich Hinsch

98.00 *
Product no.: 6060

Boris Goudenow oder Der Durch Verschlagenheit Erlangte Thron oder die mit der Neigung glücklich Verknüpfte Ehre Drama per Musica, 1710 for Soli, Choir & Orchester. With supplementary Accompagnati, Balletti & Ritornelli incl. Libretto Editors: Boston Early Music Festival, O'Dette, Stubbs, Jacobi score (parts on request)

69.00 *
Product no.: 6095

Boston Early Music Festival Series Band V

Opera in three acts (Libretto by Luigi Orlandi)

Editors: Jörg Jacobi, Paul O'Dette and Stephen Stubbs

Score 286 pages

89.00 *
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