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Here you will find more than 250 early music editions. These include not only unknown works, which we have unearthed, dusted off and made legible, but also better known-compositions, some of which are now out of print.

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                         Martina Bley, Jörg Jacobi, Olaf Tetampel

New editions 2018:

Product no.: 5007

13 Paduanen and 13 Galliarden  (Berlin, 1616)

for 5 string instruments (Violins, Violas, Violoncelli and Viole da gamba)

score and parts


27.90 *
Product no.: 3087

Songs after the poems of Georg Rist for singing and Basso continuo, Lüneburg 1660


Flor, complete vocal opus X.3

15.90 *
Product no.: 5080

For two violins and Basso continuo (G-major) ond transposedt for two treble recorders and B.c. (B flat-major).

15.90 *
Product no.: 6138

Caresana, Christofaro (1640-1709): Missa Defunctorum cum quatour vocibus

Requiem for four-part female choir and basso continuo


13.90 *
Product no.: 4050

Clavierbuch (Manuscript Universität Yale, Lowel Mason 5005)

Compositions by C. Herbig, W. Ebner, A.V.J., A.V.S. and Anonyma for keyboard instruments

(Toccate, Preludes, Canzone and Fugues)

14.50 *
Product no.: 4061

12 Versions of  'Follia'  from the European Baroque for keyboard instrument

18.50 *
Product no.: 5030

Six Sonates op.40

Duette for two bassoons, Violoncelli or Viole da gamba and aSuite for Bassinstrument and Basso continuo    

27.50 *
Product no.: 5031

‘Suite de Pieces qu’on peut jouer seul’ from op. 40

Solosonatas for a bass instrument and Basso continuo (realized Basso continuo)

14.90 *
Product no.: 4051

Clavier Übung I.,II.,III.,& IV, 24 Praeludien für Clavier

16.50 *
Product no.: 5047

Balets de Village en trio op.52

for two Dessus (Recorder, Violin etc.) and Basso continuo         

Premier Balet – IIe Balet

22.50 *
Product no.: 5048

Balets de Village en trio op.52

for two Dessus (Recorder, Violin etc.) and Basso continuo         

IIIe. Balet – IVe. Balet

22.50 *
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